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Human Resource

Human Resource

Employee Vibes help you to define and automate employee life cycle with compliance to build value based relation with every employee across organization to achieve goal and objective. Process automation will help you to plan and manage the resources at their optimum best to increase productivity and reduce the cost.

Position Management

Position Management is a foundation to set up position driven ideal Organization Structure. It determine resources required at various levels across the organization. It is prerequisite to resource planning and management in terms of manpower, infrastructure, finance, work policy and succession planning.

On Boarding Management

On Boarding Management is a process to integrate new hire with the staff and workplace through engagement and empowerment to end transition in short span. Make onboarding a strategic process to improve job satisfaction, end transition in short span and to stay for long.

Employee Profile

Employee Vibes captures distinct and relevant information to know their employee in person and utilize their caliber where they required most to maximum extent. It is comprised of personal, professional, academic, skill and competency detail of employee.

Employee Profile Update

Employee Vibes displays interactive Employee Profile to employee through ESS and also provide makers and checkers facility to update their personal, professional, educational, skill and competency details.

Public Profile

Public Profile helps your employees, manager and HR to get easy access to relevant information to have Complete Picture of your Employees with respect to professional skills, work experience, knowledge, and interest needed to perform and benefit the company or take on a new role.

Strategic Decision Making

Employee Vibes facilitates to take strategic measures to empower the organization by deputing or relocating manpower resources, where they are required most. It also empowers, motivate and engage the employee through Confirmation, Performance Review, or Retention Process. We record and maintain history of all movements for future references and analysis.

Award and Recognition

Employee Vibes enables to motivate and engage employees on the merit of performance through monetary and non monetary award and recognition to promote BEHAVIOUR across the company. Define categories aligned with behavior to be promoted across company; set guidelines and eligibility; identify employee and reward them to Show Value and Appreciation to propagate Pay for Performance culture.

Disciplinary Action

Employee Vibes enables HR to take disciplinary action against employee on punctuality, behavior or performance. The primary objective is to assist employee to understand the problem and improve it.

Off Boarding Management

Final stage of relation with employee andemployer in any company is retirement, resignation or termination is handled by Off Boarding Process. Off Boarding process ensures smooth and mutually agreed separation of employee with employer and is consists of following process.

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